Refugee Council

Refugee Council

Refugee women are a known vulnerable group.  A group that having been forced to leave their homes and sometimes families can find the UK a place where they are isolated and vulnerable; where they are unable to live independent lives; where they are unable to access employment or use their skills.  This isolation can prevent these women from rebuilding their lives here in the UK.

Refugee women need a space and an environment where they are no longer isolated; where they can meet other refugee women; learn new skills; share their knowledge; eventually find employment and start to rebuild their lives in the UK.

Just Bread is that space.

We’ve created this site so that you can follow our progress. We are creating an artisan bakery of sorts. Or at least that is our aspiration. In fact it has the potential to be way more than that. We want to use bread making as a way of supporting the therapeutic needs of refugee women here in London. We also believe that our training can support people to learn new skills and look at bread making as a route to potential employment.

Any donation you can make would go a long way in helping these women to start a new life.

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We are developing a pilot to see what we can achieve. We would welcome your interest and support.

Please do follow our journey.