Picture this…Eight refugee women from diverse backgrounds meeting each other and their mentors for the first time in early January. After a warm welcome, introductions and a brief outline of the course on their first morning together, they will set about working together at a large communal table: weighing, mixing, kneading, and learning the basics and theory of bread making, with English for baking and numeracy skills development folded in for good measure.

Their first lesson will focus on analysing different types of flour — from wheat varieties to rye, what those flours are like to work with using the same basic technique and what kind of final product they end up with in terms of texture and taste.

From that first day forward they will learn how to make all sorts of breads — from artisan European breads started with yeast, to each other’s breads unique to their own countries of birth (yes, they will teach other!), to sourdough for which they will develop and nurture their own live cultures with just flour and water. Quite like what we will be doing for them as we help them move towards becoming professional bakers – and perhaps even one day supervisors and managers.

In late Spring, they will begin to collaborate together on developing new breads which will blend techniques and ingredients with the help of Deb from Virtuous Breads.  We will be looking to produce a unique variety of breads learning from the recipes and techniques the women have brought with them from their home countries.

The next step is to sell what we are baking.  We will be looking to hold a range of events to publicise our ethnic produce and set up shop at farmer’s markets and other outlets. We will keep you updated.

However, we really need your help to raise funds which will allow us to develop this project. We are a charity and all donations will go directly to the costs of delivering the training courses and purchasing the ingredients we need.

Please help by making a donation at our Just Giving website below.

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