A magical space and time for refugee women.

The second day of our pilot training course ran like it had been happening for months, thanks to the detailed organisation behind the scenes. Throughout the day a quiet lyrical hum of the women’s conversation mingled with the warmth and aroma of rising and baking bread.

The art of mixing, shaping, rising and baking carrot and apple dinner rolls were mastered—such a delicate process to get the shape and size just so.

Ready for Oven smallHimbasha






Two women trainees from Ethiopia and Somalia shared their recipe and expertise in making a traditional, Ethiopian Ambasha Flat Bread, one that is not raised prior to going into the oven.

This delicate, golden disc was flecked through with Nigella Seeds and artistically marked with their creative design.  Fresh out of the oven came a dense, soft, aromatic bread.

HerbsA very gnarled pumpkin appeared in the kitchen from Myatts Fields garden, which was adeptly turned into aromatic pumpkin soup for lunch, along with freshly picked greens from the Greenhouse.


Two Iranian women taught us how to make another form of flatbread known as Barbari (A Persian Bread).  A deeply satisfying day for everyone, and fabulous bread.

Bread basket2 small