Poetry in Motion Yes, that’s what it was like watching one of our trainees knead today! Our ladies are all improving and feeling more confident, however it is safe to say a few of them demonstrate an intuitive feel for working the dough.  It is a joy to watch them all at work both as individuals and as part of the team.  So pleased!


We worked further on shaping this week, this time with grissini.  It was great fun observing all the Work in progressdifferent ways our trainees eagerly set about seasoning, twisting, and gently placing their grissini onto the trays before baking.

Everyone had a go at making ambasha, which was introduced last week.  Some trainees opted for savoury, others sweet – all came out tasty and bearing the unique markings of their makers.

Groovy GrissiniOne of our participants treated us to a surprise addition to the table at lunch: beef stew with red sauce (berbere) and injera.  Injera on its own is a mouth-puckeringly sour crepe-like bread.  Paired with the spicy stew, which we found reminiscent of chilli con carne, it became the perfect counterbalancing partner.

After lunch, we moved on to making focaccia, our first bread which requires a pre-dough.  Deb prepared the pre-dough the night before and the ladies worked together to produce a gorgeous bread worthy of any highly sought-after market stall.  Spare rosemary, cherry tomatoes and onions went home with polenta flour plus the recipe for further experimentation.

So…another week of growing confidence, skills and knowledge; teamwork; creativity and inspiration goes by.  We can’t wait to see what the next session holds!