Ayan fled war-torn Somalia and ended up in the UK.  She’s a single mother of 6, also responsible for looking after her elderly mother.  She is an intelligent woman with a strong determination.

In her desire to start re-building her life she considers employment as the most significant step forward. However, she has faced the same barriers encountered by many refugee women seeking employment. She tells us the labour market rules are too different from the ones in her country.  And the lack of UK experience and references don’t allow her to compete with other job seekers.

HenaAyan believes the Just Bread course is an answer to her situation.  She can fit the training in with her responsibilities as a single parent and carer, and then she can practice at home in her own time.  Her dream is to start a small baking business.

Much to Ayan’s delight, the baking bug has bitten her 14 year old daughter too.  Each week  Ayan takes new recipes home, and together she and her daughter recreate the breads she has learned to make in class.  As a result there is plenty of quality bread for the whole family.

“I can’t eat bread from supermarkets any more”, says Ayan.

In addition to learning bread baking from Just Bread, Ayan is getting support from the Refugee Council in developing her employability skills.  As she nears the end of her course she will learn how to set up a micro bakery, which she can run from her own kitchen.  These new-found skills and knowledge will provide her with the tools she needs to make her baking business dream come true.