That is what came to mind after we finished up our seventh baking session this week.  Our first cohort of trainees is comprised of fast learners, each with good competency in English. These essential qualities both facilitate their progress and bonding. With each session they grow further in confidence: so much so, that they are beyond simply feeling ready for their public debut at the Women on the Move Awards next Thursday.  They are excited and can’t wait to share their baked goods with the 300 distinguished women who will be attending the event at The Southbank Centre.  So proud, so very, very proud!







On to the nuts and bolts of this week’s baking…Deb introduced enriched bread and continued to develop our trainees’ shaping skills.  Our trainees also learned from Deb that rosemary is nice both with savoury bread and chocolate.  Yes, you learn something new every day, people!

The first order of business was stripping needles off freshly picked rosemary from our volunteer Lynette’s garden.  Then we moved on to making potato rosemary cobbs.  Everyone was amazed at how soft the dough was to the touch, and someone even dared exclaim, “It’s as soft as a baby’s bottom”, which elicited a few giggles. After that, we moved on to the rosemary, chocolate olive cake.  Trust us when we tell you it is light, most, delicately sweet and hits the right note.  Rosemary and chocolate truly are a “marriage made in heaven”.  And speaking of heaven, the coconut buns made with enriched dough, lovingly filled with a sweet, buttery coconut mixture, then finally rolled and shaped into buns were little short of “heaven on earth”.

Marking another milestone, we sold our first loaves of bread.  We invited park staff over to the Community Kitchen and within minutes we’d sold some loaves of bread and slices of cake as the fragrant buns baked away in the oven.  The little bit of external validation which came from that was a nice boost.

That’s it for this week.  Now onward we merrily go towards our epic bake and public debut next week!