BunsJust Bread’s public debut at the Women on the Move Awards Thursday, March 6 could not have been better.  Three of our eight trainees were able to attend the inspiring event and proudly present their work to the 300 attendees under the watchful gaze of the London Eye.  For one of our attending trainees, it was the first time she had even been on the Southbank.  To see her work the table, welcoming the award’s illustrious attendees to sample our breads, you’d have thought she was accustomed to such work.  She may well be our first entrepreneur!  She and her “Team JB” colleagues will report back to the rest of the team about their experience at our next session this Thursday.

Buns2So…what did we bake?  We brought mini date and almond-filled rosewater swirl buns and samples of focaccia four ways.  For display, we brought gorgeous examples of the ethnic breads our trainees have taught each other to make:  Iranian barbari and Ethiopian hembasha.  Even these breads were torn into and gobbled up once the bite-sized samples of our breads were consumed.  It was a most gratifying sight for our trainees to see.   For the judges, we brought sweet coconut buns.

We brought the focaccia for two reasons.  Firstly, it is very tasty, indeed.  Secondly, it was the first bread which garnered strong external affirmation from our trainees’ families.  It is a bread many of them now bake regularly at home and a bread which particularly comes from the heart.   The date and almond-filled rosewater swirls are little bites of bliss.  They are a twist on something familiar – the cinnamon bun — yet they bring in the exotic flavours of the Middle East and North Africa, making them a good example of how our trainees can bring something new to the table and adapt to our Western ways.  The coconut buns were selected because they which were a huge hit the previous week, when our trainees learned about enriched bread.


We must extend a big thank you to baker/entrepreneur Loretta Liu, who gave us a discounted rate for her professional bakery kitchen space last week.  We love the conviviality of the Myatt’s Field Park Community Kitchen – and the wall-mounted radiators perfect for proving our bowls of dough – however we needed more space to prepare for the event.  We will be back at MFP this week and start selling some of our breads to staff as well as for the park’s café.

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