Last week’s lesson was full of shaping sweetness, excitement and frivolity into golden Bath Buns, savoury Turkish Kahvalti buns, and Dark Rye Raisin Loaves. With spring in full bloom outside, and the heaters cranked up to full heat inside, we all set to work kneading, shaping, rising and baking these beauties.









The excitement we all felt came from the positive response to our baking for the Women on the Move Awards the previous week.  With a new sense of accomplishment, there was much discussion about the possibility of the participants starting a micro bakery business to supply local businesses, Myatt’s Field Café, and a Market Stall.

All this confidence and sense of purpose and hope, in eight short weeks.

The excitement carried into using the strong dark rye dough as a medium for sculpting—see the rye dough pig that Paulina created.

Mixing faceIMG_0797

On the way home, the Nigerian Cabbie turned abruptly in his seat as I settled my bags of baking in the back.  “What is that amazing smell?”  So, seeing a business opportunity staring me in the face, I promptly did a little marketing with him—I’ll give you a Sweet Bath Bun if you promise to bring your mates next week to Myatt’s Field at 2pm.  He was skeptical, but hungry.  I pounced and handed him a bun.  The sound of pleasure as he bit into it nailed the deal.