We have been fairly quiet with updates on here recently but behind the scenes all here at Just Bread have certainly been peddling madly.  We have been doing the rounds introducing ourselves to bakeries and looking for potential venues. Last year we delivered our training at the amazing and lovely Myatt’s Field Park in South London but the Refugee Council is based in furthest East London these days so we have been trying to find somewhere a little more local\central where we can base ourselves for the next round of bread baking training.

e5-logoWe are very pleased to say that we met with E5 Bakehouse (http://e5bakehouse.com/) in Hackney recently and are now in advanced discussions with them about basing our training at their bakery.  This is a hugely exciting development and puts us in a purpose built baking venue with plenty of space for preparation and ovens large enough to deal with all baking we could wish for. Thanks to Ben at E5 Bakehouse for being so enthusiastic about our project and what we were trying to achieve. They are hugely supportive and contributing their time and efforts to help us make this a success.  This definitely feels like the next chapter for Just Bread and takes us a step closer to achieving our ambition of opening our own bakery.

Another exciting development came through Chris who runs Breadahead at Borough Market.  We met and talked about how we could work together and possibly benefit from their support.  Chris has kindly offered our trainees the chance to visit their baking school for at least one day’s session over the next couple of months to learn from the professionals.  This is also an amazing opportunity for us and allows us to experience everything from the mixing and baking through to selling produce on the market.

With the venues sorted, we have now shifted our focus on recruiting trainees for the project.  We are currently looking for 8 participants who have a passion for bread baking and an interest in developing a career in this area.  We will be running the training for around 10-15 weeks and throughout this time we are hoping to identify people interested in starting their own bakery or co-operative that we can support.  The  mid March 2015 and anyone living in London who is interested in joining the project can contact us at justbread@refugeecouncil.org.uk