The past two weeks our trainees have been working together on developing flatbreads and sides for their first public event.  Suffice to say, they are all eager and highly motivated to impress.  Details will become available in due course.

photo 2Inspired by both the backgrounds of our trainees and the famed wholesome sourdoughs of e5 Bakehouse, we have been experimenting with both traditional and sourdough recipes for Turcoman flatbread (traditionally made with camel’s milk), Afghani Snowshoe Naan (versions of which are found all across Asia to Turkey) and Pita (otherwise known as Taboon in Iraq).  Under Ruth’s tutelage, our trainees are enjoying learning new shaping techniques as well as sharing their own varied techniques.  And they are all especially enjoying getting the knack of loading bread into the deep professional ovens at e5.


Flatbread in ovenBen and the e5 team have graciously invited our trainees to volunteer at the bakery during our sessions.  Their experiences have thus far comprised taking orders and entering them into the system, preparing hot and cold dishes to accompany e5’s amazing breads, and making a large batch of ciabatta dough.  Everyone is keen to have a go and get a taste of the what it’s like to work in the different areas of the bakery.