Our new group of trainee bakers got off to a fantastic start today, perfecting a rustic white sourdough, and learning all about starters and yeasts and flour types. With expert guidance from Ben and Jean at e5, the women were coached through every step of turning flour and water into the delicious loaves similar to those our subscribers will soon enjoy.

Baking project day one

Perfecting the measuring

The atmosphere in the workshop was light and energetic, with the women eager to get started and to share their ideas. While the dough was rising, we had a guided tour of e5 Bakehouse’s three arches and the group got to catch a glimpse of what they’ll soon be doing: baking top quality artisan loaves in quantity.

All of Just Bread’s trainees are refugee women living in London who are looking for a fulfilling and sustainable way to earn a living. Our current group brings together women from Iran, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Sudan and Nigeria, and all will be contributing their own culture and culinary inspiration to the project as it evolves.

Justbread flyer

Before it was time to go, the group were eager to gather the materials they would need to practise at home. With a pot of sourdough starter, this week’s recipe, a bread baking basket and their first fresh loaf, the women left the bakery with all the tools and inspiration to prepare for week one of baking for our subscribers.

It’s not too late to support the project as a subscriber. For £35 you’ll receive 7 weeks of top-quality bread, lovingly baked during our Tuesday sessions, from 1st September. For full details of the menu and pick-up points click here.