Having completed their training just a week ago, today it was time for our Just Bread bakers to come together and celebrate. And we did so in style, thanks to the team at the Goring Hotel in Belgravia, who opened their doors to us with great generosity.

The women were taken on a grand tour of this beautiful family-run five-star hotel, meeting the head of operations in each department. Interest was stirred in the animated kitchen, where preparations for the lunch service were in full swing. Speaking to some of the catering team about their professional journey from apprenticeship to senior positions was an inspiration to several of our bakers as they explore how they might continue to develop their skills with similar opportunities.

Taking the lift up to the top of the hotel, the group were given free reign of the royal suite, whose previous guests include Kate Middleton and family on the eve of her wedding. Everyone was impressed by the attention to detail in each room, including the silk ‘wallpaper’ and hidden gems of history to be discovered in the drawers and cupboards.

Noha finds a relic in the cupboard

Noha finds a relic in the cupboard


This was a wonderful way to celebrate the end of our course, bringing together bakers from the past two courses not only to celebrate our success but most importantly to open new doors for the Just Bread project and its talented batch of graduates.

Many thanks to Jeremy, Ann, Rachel and the rest of the staff team at the Goring Hotel.