Thursday the 27th marked the opening night of the “No Borders Food and Film Festival” held in the railway arch next to the E5 Bakehouse where our Just Bread participants have been learning bread making skills over the past months.

Graduates from the course joined Chef Ruth Quinlan in preparing a mouth-watering Iranian lamb stew accompanied by naan breads cooked in the wood-fired oven, labneh, fresh herbs and pickles followed by delicious Middle Eastern baklava and saffron rice pudding. The food was a wonderful way of welcoming people in out of the cold and into the warmth of the Millhouse before we began screening the first film in our series of four films tackling the issue of different borders that are apparent in today’s world.

Thursday’s documentary, Infiltrators by Palestinian director Khaled Jarrar, reveals how Palestinians are attempting to continue with normal life in spite of the obstacle that the Israel/Palestine wall poses in their lives.

After the screening, we were joined by two leading academics on the Israel/Palestine conflict, Toufic Haddad and Shari Polanski who shared their wealth of experience and knowledge with the audience bringing to light key issues surrounding that particular border area and its challenges.

Next week we will again begin the evening with an incredible Middle Eastern feast prepared by the women of the Just Bread program, followed this time by the renowned documentary, A Syrian love story.

We are very grateful to be welcoming both Maurice Wren of the Refugee Council as well as director of the documentary, Sean McAllister to lead us in discussion after the film.

Please do join us for further screenings and in so doing, supporting the ongoing work of Just Bread; helping refugee women find work and community in London.

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