To mix things up we baked some cakes in our 6th week of the course. We made 3 different kinds of cakes. At the beginning we had to prepare the class with all the ingredients we are going to use.We had a massive block of butter.

Block of butter





Preparing eggsimage11








Starting with the shortbread crust for our fruit and chocolate tarts.

Mix for Custard TartsCherry Casings







After the crust we made the frangipane and prepared the cherries to put them on top.

Cherry tarts

The pastry chef Janke showed us the secret of a balanced chocolate ganache for the chocolate tart or any chocolate based cakes.


We had a break after finishing half part of the cakes, multinational dishes from Iran and Pakistan were in the table along with e5 delicious soup and toasties.

The second part we made the financiers with berries and finished the day by boxing and labelling all the cakes boxes for our amazing supporters to be delivered.

All ready for delivery

Thank you!