Tuesday, 13th December. With the shortest day of the year drawing near, there is no better way to spend a gloomy wintery day then learning how to make handmade, wild fermented bread.image-1

After starting with the classic E5 favourite, Hackney Wild last week, this week Just Bread students moved on to making the multi grain loaf using a combination of wholemeal and white flours and the trademark assortment of seeds and grains both in the loaf and on the outside. We shared round a handful of the multi-grain mix and the sight of millet brought make many memories for people of recipes from back home; millet porridge and millet bread, from the Gambia to Afghanistan the women recognised this grain, showing just how widespread and important it is to so many cultures.


Three bowls of flour indicating different types of milling  and refinement that has gone into each one.

Again, we worked with a dough which the E5 bakers had begun preparing for us yesterday which we shaped and baked in the E5 ovens while we also began from scratch with a starter which we put into bannetons for people to bake in their own kitchens, either the same day or the day after.


The atmosphere was relaxed, at times attentively learning about the flours and the careful measuring of ingredients while at other points there was time to get to know one another, hear about our different lives, pasts, families and so on.


Bread teacher Mariana loading the oven with our multi-grain loaves.

Next week will be our final class before Christmas and we will be having a festive class of pizza making in the wood-fired oven, a wonderful way to mark the end of the year!