After a small break for Christmas, we are back at E5 Bakehouse as excited as ever to be learning more about the wonderful nature of sourdough and how best to use it to make brilliant, healthy bread.

We have also begun our month-long subscription system whereby we have gathered 55 brilliant supporters who we bake for every Tuesday and who pick up their loaf at the end of the day.  Today we are delivering a seeded rye loaf to our customers to kick off the month, a delicious, filling and nutty loaf of both wholemeal and white rye with a selection of sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

We have definitely upped in production since 2016 but the eleven women on the course rose to challenge and we even had time to make some jam while the bread was proofing!

We made both raspberry and blackberry jam which the women took home with them as the fruit of their labour with a few pots left over to sell in the E5 shop.


It is also marmalade season so we began the two day process of boiling up the lemons and Seville Oranges to make marmalade. Most of the woman had already made different types of jams and the process wasn’t new to them, I heard of one recipe of pineapple jam from Iran another of tomato jam from Goa and of course all of the berries native to people’s countries that aren’t to be found in these climates. As with bread, preserving fruits in both sweet and sour ways is a worldwide tradition dating way in most of the world’s cultures.