As the cold takes its grip and what feels like the heart of winter settles around us, there is no better place to be then inside a bakery, lovingly preparing bread.


On Tuesday we re-visited the multi-grain bread and made approximately 70 loaves for our customers. While we waited for the bread to prove we experimented making butter for the first time.


This was the first time many in the group had made butter, and it was a learning curve for all of us. Mariana, our teacher, explained how she uses yogurt to ferment the double cream a little to give the butter a slightly fermented taste. The double cream and yogurt are left out of the fridge for 24 hours and then are whipped together to separate the butter milk from the butter.


The butter is then ready to be shaped and packaged and, as simply as that, it is ready to enjoy!

Along with a loaf of handmade bread, the ladies took away a pad of butter to enjoy throughout the week.


With many of the women experiencing very challenging times in their lives, with very uncertain futures, focusing the mind and hands on a task can help ease the stress of the bureaucratic, financial, and emotional anxiety of being an asylum seeker in these difficult times. The bread and the bakery can offer a little solace for a moment in the week, where we all come together as bakers and as equals.