This week, the last week of our subscription, we made a wonderful classic, the fruit loaf. Filled with prunes, raisins and apricots this sweet bread is a great way to start a wintry day. Led by the founder of e5, Ben, we produced over 60 loaves, enough for us to try as well as to send off with the bicycle courier to our subscribers scattered around East London. week 6.jpg

As well as the bread, we worked together to make our own lunch consisting of a spicy carrot soup with a delicious harissa sauce to dollop on top. this was the first time we had cooked together to make our own lunch and it was a great way to collaborate on doing something, beautiful, tasty and fun.

photo 3 (2).jpg

Next Tuesday we will be doing the health and safety certificate level 1 training together followed by a study visit to local bakery, “better health” to learn how their unique model supporting people through bread is helping to build strength in people and in communities.

This is a great opportunity for us to learn from one another and see how it is possible to set up businesses like Better health which are not solely focused on monetary gain but that also prioritize people’s health, growth and well being  similar to what we are doing with Just Bread@E5.

Updates to follow…..