We are a little overwhelmed.  When we initially met with Jo at Creating for Good and talked about our bread baking project for women from a refugee background we never expected to get this level of support.  Not only have you helped us raise £1,300 since August but you have also enabled us to reach our funding target!  This is amazing and way beyond what we hoped for in such a short time.

Just Bread is currently a volunteer lead initiative.  This means that we have no paid staff members yet.  Everything we raise goes towards the costs of delivering our 8 week training courses and to provide ongoing support towards further training or employment.

For many of the women we work with Just Bread is a really important focus in their lives.  Quite often it is a way to meet new people and make friends with others who have experienced similar issues of loss, trauma and isolation.  We provide and a safe and supportive space where the women can come together to learn new skills that will hopefully lead to new opportunities and allow them to build a better and brighter future.

Your donations have allowed us to schedule our next training course which will start on 3rd October.  The course will last for 8-10 weeks with support and advice afterwards depending on their aspirations.  A huge thank you from us for making this happen. A particularly big thank you to all those at Creating for Good for believing in us.

Our longer term goal is to eventually find a kitchen space of our own that we can use a few days each week to carry out more in-depth training and to produce bread to sell and reinvest. We also need to raise more money to recruit our very own baker who can lead our social enterprise model.  Lots of work to do but we will get there.