Written by Hussina Raja

This week I’m sharing what a typical Just Bread day looks like for the trainees from start to finish.

7.30 – Kate mixes the multigrain dough for the session.

10.00 – We arrive for week 2 of the Just Bread subscription bake and our bread for the day is laid out in a bowl for us to enjoy over breakfast. To ensure our subscribers enjoy the variety of bread on offer, we’re making a Multigrain loaf packed with a combination of oat, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, linseed and millet seeds/grains. This loaf comprises of strong white flour, wholewheat and wholemeal rye.

11.00 – Kate briefs us on the dough recipe. We immediately take chunks of dough and go through the first step of shaping. The multigrain dough feels different to the Hackney Wild; it’s stickier and looser with a grainier texture. The confidence in the room is soaring; we’re a well-oiled ship sailing through three buckets of dough. We welcome Laurence and Krista from the Refugee Council; they get stuck in taking direction from Zenebu who leads them through the steps of shaping; hands making a V-shape, in circular motions pull the dough towards you and tuck it into a compact ball. It’s a joy to see how we’re already transferring our knowledge and skills to others.


11.30 – Once the baskets are lined the now flattened balls of dough are covered on one side with a thin layer of flour. Kate demonstrates how we’ll decorate our dough. It’s obvious this dough is different; it moves easily into the second step of folding, layering and tucking. This time we lift and roll the dough in a bath of seeds, showering it sufficiently and ensuring the seeds stick, we pinch a seam onto it before it’s finally flipped into a basket ready for bed.


Kate shows us another way the bakers fold the dough for the Hackney Wild loaf; she makes it look so effortless and swift. Uzoma giggles telling us it comes easily to her because she has lots of practise tying nappies, and funnily enough the folds are very similar.

12.00 – The repetition of shaping the dough has paid off because in no time we’ve got through it all. Given the festive season, Kate has gathered some ingredients to prepare a golden beetroot relish.


We’ve got a slick team in operation; Masooma washes the golden beetroot, cutting and grating them with the help of Izzeldin. Zenebu and Maaz with tears rolling down their cheeks finely chop onions, whilst Uzoma and Wudie expertly zest and juice a bowl of oranges. Laurence grates away at ginger and Elsa grinds coriander seeds.


All the ingredients are thrown into a pot and the relish is cooked within 15 minutes.


This easy Xmas condiment recipe can be found here http://dinnerfeed.com/2014/04/27/golden-beet-orange-relish/

**A tip from Kate – always use whole spices to grind for an explosion of flavour and oil

13.00 – Over a bowl of hot, wintery tomato soup and salad we discuss the event and the themes we want to share with our audience.


14.00 – We gather around the oven ready to bake our baskets of dough. This step needs to happen with speed as this dough collapses quicker than the Hackney Wild. Six baskets are emptied onto several trays that are swiftly slid into the oven.

14:30 – The relish is packed into jars for everyone to take home. It lasts for a couple of weeks so it’s perfectly timed for the Xmas dinner table.


It’s time to bring our themes together and create a poster for the event. After a short time brainstorming, we have decided on a concept that we feel reflects the project and us.


We each place a hand on the table circling a loaf of Hackney Wild. The image for the Just Bread breaks bread event is simple yet succinct.

15.00 – Our Multigrain loaves are ready! Last but not least while they’re cooling we write out the names and a message for our bread subscribers.

15.30 – With a Multigrain loaf and a jar of golden beetroot relish in tow we’ve come to the end of yet another brilliant session.