On our “Just Bread” journey so far we’ve been really lucky to have found some great partners who are as excited about the potential of this project as we are and willing to help us get this off the ground.

Flour, salt, and water. That is all you really need to make good bread — here they come in the form of some special people.

Refugee Council – As a human rights’ charity, the Refugee Council supports people who have been forced to flee their home countries because their lives were at risk.  The organisation aims to help people to overcome their previous traumas and start to build a new, more positive life in the UK. They have a wealth of expertise in employability skills development and how to effectively support people to make the first steps towards rebuilding their lives and careers.

E5 Bakehouse – An independent, organic bakery in a spruced up railway arch beneath London fields Station. With a strong desire to involve our surrounding community, they have learnt their trade though collaboration, study and experimentation and with the support and feedback of the local neighbourhood.

We have worked with a range of people and organisations to get us to this point.  We are incredible grateful to you all.  Your support has been truly transformative to people’s lives.